About us

Unga tankar om musik (UTOM) – translated “Young minds for music” – is a freestanding, genre crossing and independent network that make use of the richness of ideas, potential and voices that young professionals in the music community possess.

UTOM consists of young and prominent professional musicians, composers, producers, conductors etc. who have realized that the responsibility for music in our society one day will rest upon their shoulders. UTOM’s core aim is to make young music personalities from all genres to meet, develop and work together for an inclusive, daring and tolerant cultural climate in the future. 

The 36 members are between 25 and 40 years of age and are elected on four year mandates. UTOM strive to be artistically in-depth and explorative, to initiate outward looking, public activities and to be reckoned as a political force when debating about the role and importance of music in our society – today and tomorrow.